The End Of Romance: views, thoughts, images

I am a Chilean/Australian performance maker based in Melbourne.

Music, film, performance, fashion, literature, art, love, life, sex, men, pop culture, politics are a few of my favourite things.

This is a personal blog and views expressed are the making of the life i live in Australia, my longing for Chile, travel and perusal of the world wide web.

Shanghai so far… Loving this complex city.

"OK. This is fucking crazy. I am going to China in about nine hours. I have to do a little work on an assignment (fucking referencing) then I board a plane to Shanghai. I am so ready and also not. I have no plans once i get there but i know i am going to Beijing and i’m going to eat lots of food and walk… and some write. I want to get back to my writing. It feels surreal that only today i was working at a box office and that this time tomorrow i will be in another part of the world."

— Me on a couch at 9:12 pm Brisbane time.